Still Lively Art Club – Another Landscape Idea

Inspired by the work of Paul Klee, here’s another way of creating your own decorative landscape.

  1. Draw an ‘horizon’ line on your paper:

2ndLandscape82. Draw a roughly parallel ‘fence’ line:


2ndLandscape73. Add a house or other feature:2ndLandscape6

4. Add ‘fence posts’:2ndLandscape5

5. Add other features – e.g. a gate:2ndLandscape4

6. Add some other features:2ndLandscape3

7. Now, choose one line in your picture and extend it:2ndLandscape2.5

8. Extend more lines:2ndLandscape2

9. Find more lines to extend:2ndLandscape1

10. Find even more lines to extend:2ndLandscape

11. Add colour and decoration to your design!

Have fun experimenting!

all the best


Click Here to find out more about the artist Paul Klee

To find out more about the Still Lively project CLICK HERE

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